Lunch buffet - delicious, reasonable value
I had a taste for Indian food that day. Several friends had said that I should check out Mumbay Grill. When I asked about a "lunch for one" to take to the office, the host offered the buffet for $9.99. I was given a good-sized styrofoam container for entrée dishes, and a small one to put dessert (gulab jamun) in. I passed on the green salad items and focused on what was on the warmers. Rice palao, mehti chicken, curry goat, butter chicken, tandoori vegetables, vegetable pakoras, and one other chicken dish all managed to fit in my container, so I had a sampling of many items to go along with a fresh naan. All were delicious, not quite "medium" for spiciness. For dinner, I finished off what was left over from lunch. The Mt. Everest (which I have enjoyed for dinner), only a few seconds' walk down the sidewalk, also has a lunch buffet, but I do not know if they have takeaways. I'll have to check and compare.