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Best butter chicken ever!!!

My husband and I LOVE this place! They make the best butter chicken! I can no longer eat at other Indian restaurants since none that I have tried come even close to Mumbay Grill's. You will not be disappointed! The service is quick and friendly and the food is very reasonably priced.

Lunch buffet - delicious, reasonable value

I had a taste for Indian food that day. Several friends had said that I should check out Mumbay Grill. When I asked about a "lunch for one" to take to the office, the host offered the buffet for $9.99. I was given a good-sized styrofoam container for entrée dishes, and a small one to put dessert (gulab jamun) in. I passed on the green salad items and focused on what was on the warmers. Rice palao, mehti chicken, curry goat, butter chicken, tandoori vegetables, vegetable pakoras, and one other chicken dish all managed to fit in my container, so I had a sampling of many items to go along with a fresh naan. All were delicious, not quite "medium" for spiciness. For dinner, I finished off what was left over from lunch. The Mt. Everest (which I have enjoyed for dinner), only a few seconds' walk down the sidewalk, also has a lunch buffet, but I do not know if they have takeaways. I'll have to check and compare.

Ajax, Canada
Excellent quality, especially for a buffet. Tasty value!

I have been here once before and the Bombay Grill is definitely consistent, mostly in a good way. The food is uniformly flavourful and the service is very attentive. There was some sort of chutney that was horrid, but I'm sure some people like that caper-like flavour, so it's not a criticism of the quality. The daal and the chana were excellent, as are all the curries. Hot fresh naan is brought to your table, which is nice. I enjoyed almost everything, but the high points are the tandoori chicken and the kheer (Indian rice pudding with cardamom). My water was constantly refilled and the atmosphere was a mix of upscale and relaxed. It's a good thing I usually work on weekdays.

Ajax, Canada
Pleasant evening spent at the Mumbay Grill

My wife and I invited another couple out for dinner. They wanted to go for Indian food, so this was our recommendation. We arrived just before 7 PM on a Friday. The restaurant was about half full. I think I tried most of the buffet offerings and found the food tasty (maybe not as spicy as I like), but freshly prepared. My only complaint was that the papadums were soft and nowhere near crsip or crunchy. Our guests also enjoyed the food. Before we realized it, it was nearly 10 PM and I wasn't sure if the restaurant was closing. The total for 4 buffet dinners, 4 bottles of Kingfisher, 2 lassis and coffee came to just over $110. The restaurant was very quiet and made for some excellent conversations. None of the staff hinted that we probably had stayed for a long time, and know that our friends will definitely be coming back for more.

Toronto, Canada
Great value and quality Indian buffet

This modest but airy establishment in the *historic* pocket of Pickering offers a great value and quality Indian buffet at modest prices. Even though the buffet provides the dominant presentation of food here, the quality is definitely high.


My husband and I, we're not Indian, but ADORE Indian food.
We've been to this restaurant at least 10x and each time we're never disappointed.

Anything I've ordered from the menu has been great, and my husband (who is more picky than I am, on food quality) agrees it's the best Indian restaurant he's ever been to.

For me, a good meal is a combination of some kind of biryani, with a vegetarian dish such as paneer or vegetable medley and a meat dish (lamb or chicken), accompanied by a mixed yogurt drink (i.e. non-Indians might call a 'smoothie' lol).

My husband ADORES the paan bread and butter chicken.

The price is reasonable, according the quality and portions. I find the service quick and the waiters not too pushy (but then again, we don't mind ordering too much - lol).

Pickering, Canada
Great Lunch Buffet

Fresh food, good lunch selection. Excellent friendly service, and they will make special requests on food at the buffet price. Great value for a lunch buffet. We'll definitely go again!

St. Catharines, Canada