Pleasant evening spent at the Mumbay Grill
My wife and I invited another couple out for dinner. They wanted to go for Indian food, so this was our recommendation. We arrived just before 7 PM on a Friday. The restaurant was about half full. I think I tried most of the buffet offerings and found the food tasty (maybe not as spicy as I like), but freshly prepared. My only complaint was that the papadums were soft and nowhere near crsip or crunchy. Our guests also enjoyed the food. Before we realized it, it was nearly 10 PM and I wasn't sure if the restaurant was closing. The total for 4 buffet dinners, 4 bottles of Kingfisher, 2 lassis and coffee came to just over $110. The restaurant was very quiet and made for some excellent conversations. None of the staff hinted that we probably had stayed for a long time, and know that our friends will definitely be coming back for more.